DLSU-D students advocate diplomacy in 6th Dasmariñas Model United Nations

DLSU-D students organized the annual United Nations simulation conference, titled 6th Dasmariñas Model United Nations (DMUN) with the theme, “Collaborative Efforts to Foster Equality, Justice, Security and Sustainability” from May 9 to 11, held at the Salrial Hall of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM) building.

The organizers invited the President and CEO of Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) Julian Payne to tackle the role of the United Nations in handling bilateral agreements and negotiations across the different sectors worldwide.

Payne discussed the role and importance of the United Nations in maintaining international peace and security, protecting human rights, and upholding international law.

He also mentioned the UN Dispute Tribunal’s role in backing up the Philippines’ claim over the Spratly Islands and its sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea.

Moreover, the CEO of CCC discussed the importance of proper negotiation and bilateral agreements as a means to settling differences among parties for settlements to achieve sustainability.

During the discussion, Payne added that the UN has been administering speeches worldwide, “We’ve (UN) been doing a lot of speeches, what we need is results from these speeches. You have to negotiate, this is key to your success,” he said.

Meanwhile, the organizers divided the delegates into three councils, namely the Economic and Social Council, Human Rights Council, and Security Council to further enhance their diplomatic skills as they discussed among themselves current worldwide issues.

The issues discussed were gender equality in employment, combating sexual exploitation and abuse, provocation of North Korea, tension between Russia and USA over Syrian war, extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, human rights violation against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, US withdrawal from Paris agreement, and sustainable tourism towards global development.

The 6th DMUN conference partners and delegates were Thammasat University Model United Nations Club, International Model United Nations, Ateneo Model United Nations, De La Salle University Model United Nations Society, Philippine Model United Nations Community, UST Model United Nations, Southern Luzon Model United Nations Conference, and University of Santo Tomas Model United Nations.