DLSU-D plans to offer online classes through FLEXI next AY

The Center for Innovative Learning Programs (CILP) plans to offer accredited undergraduate degrees online through the launching of the online course program FLEXI, under the Academy of Continuing Education (ACE), next academic year (AY) 2018-2019, as per CILP Director Roland Ruben.

DLSU-D initiated ACE in 2015 to extend the Lasallian education to former students who have not been able to finish their bachelor’s degree.

According to Ruben, FLEXI, which is going to be trimestral, is an online course program that offers Lasallian undergraduate education to students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree in a fully online environment. FLEXI was derived from the word “flexible” due to the adaptable online classes that can be based on the schedule of the students enrolled in the course.

The CILP director also mentioned that FLEXI is planned to be offered next AY. “Our launching target date is next school year 2018-2019, August or September,” he added.

Furthermore, Ruben said that CILP will offer FLEXI to students who are incapable of going to school due to increased workload or physical disabilities. He clarified that FLEXI will not accommodate everyone, “Kung for everyone siya, baka wala nang mag-enroll for regular classes.”

Moreover, CILP intends to extend the online platform abroad. “We [CILP] plan to tap the OFWs in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., who want to continue studying and eventually finish a degree,” Ruben said.

Ruben furthered that CILP plans to have partner schools abroad to be able to facilitate the admission process of OFWs. Regarding the courses that will be offered, he mentioned that CILP initially targets to provide degrees that do not require board exams, bar exams, and laboratory activities.

FLEXI courses that are planned to be provided under the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA), particularly in the Business Management Department, are BSBA major in Operations Management and BSBA major in Human Resource Development Management while the offered courses under the College of Liberal Arts and Communication (CLAC) is planned to include AB in Philosophy and AB in Political Science.

As of press time, the settlement fee for the online degree program requires a payment of 2,080 per unit, as per the CILP director.

“The lesson materials are provided online so the students can access it anytime anywhere kung hindi sila masyadong busy puwede nilang mapuntahan, sagutan,” Ruben said.


Beginning stage of FLEXI

The curriculum of the courses being offered in FLEXI poses as a challenge to the CILP team. “Sa ngayon ang concern namin is ‘yong curriculum. We have updated our curriculums and they are not yet ready. We plan to offer FLEXI kasi this coming school year (AY 2018-2019) so we hope, we’ll have them soon kasi we have to plot it na gawin siyang trisem (trimester), so matrabaho din ‘yon,” Ruben said.

NEO LMS, the current provider of the DLSU-D Schoolbook, shall also power another schoolbook where FLEXI will be conducted. This schoolbook will have a separate domain.

As to who will be teaching the courses in FLEXI, Ruben mentioned that CILP proposed to tap DLSU-D’s “graduated Level 3” professors who have training and experience in conducting blended classes on Schoolbook.

Ruben also clarified that the enrollment process for FLEXI enrollees will be the same as regular school admission processes, wherein students must indicate that they will be enrolling in a FLEXI course.

As of press time, the FLEXI program under the ACE is still in its beginning stage, “We’re taking it one step at a time. We hope to finish all the necessary requirements to offer online courses this semester.”

DLSU-D initiated FLEXI for those who are aspiring to finish their education through long distance learning. At the end of the prescribed period for the offered course, the students will be granted certificates or diplomas in their desired courses.


ERRATUM: In the article published in The HERALDO FILIPINO Volume 32 Issue 4, the headline of the article reads “DLSU-D to offer online classes through FLEXI next AY.” To clarify, FLEXI is still in its planning stage; thus, there is still no definite plan as to when it will be offered. Moreover, it can be found in the article that the “DLSU-D Schoolbook is powered by EDU 2.0”; however, it is a platform provided by NEO LMS.