DLSU-D officially breaks Guinness World Record with Animosaic 2

Forming the image of St. John Baptist De La Salle during “Animosaic 2: Humans of St. La Salle,” the Guinness World Record for the largest umbrella mosaic formed by people has officially been broken.

The previous record held by China in 2016 gathered 3,066 participants forming a smiley face, which was almost doubled by Animosaic 2 with a 5,459 headcount consisted of students, employees, and stakeholders for the celebration of St. John Baptist De La Salle’s 300th death anniversary.

Animosaic 2 Project Manager and University Advancement Office (UAO) Director Marco Polo mentioned that the event was not only a way to honor St. John Baptist De La Salle but also to help fund the One La Salle Scholarship Endowment Fund. By the end of the event, the estimated donations reached ₱2.5 million and a net of ₱1.25 million. 

“Most importantly, the activity seeks to explore what it means to be the face of St. La Salle today and, in the process, live out each vocation as a Lasallian,” Polo shared.


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