DLSU-D Legal Counsel Office to offer ₱50 PCF notarization

To aid students in choosing a reputable notary public, University Legal Counsel Atty. Rafael Vicente Umali started accommodating Parental Consent Form (PCF) notarization priced at 50 per PCF this semester, as confirmed by Office of the Student Services (OSS) Dean Dr. Mario Torres.

After a recent meeting between Torres and Umali, the two administrators agreed to accommodate notarization of students’ PCFs.

“The university legal counsel is willing to accommodate notarization of students’ PCFs and that he (Umali) is also allowing OSS to include his name in the roster of notaries public where DLSU-D students and faculty can be referred to for their notarization needs,” Torres added.

Torres clarified that the fixed charge for students is priced at 50 for each PCF regardless of the nature of the off-campus activity. The event organizer or faculty member is tasked to request for the PCF notarization and compile documents for all student-related event participants.

Torres advised that PCFs subject for notarization may be forwarded to the legal counsel’s secretary during office hours.  

In relation to this, the OSS and the Student Development and Activities Office has released the “Policies and Guidelines on Local Off-Campus Activities involving All University Students” which contains detailed information and new protocol for students’ off-campus activities, which was distributed to different organizations, college student councils, and program councils earlier this semester.

On July 25, CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) Number 63, series of 2017 was released, ordering stricter measures on Higher Education Institution (HEI) for off-campus activities. The PCF notarization regulation is part of the compliance of the university on the said CMO.


*Note: The University Legal Counsel’s office is located at Gregoria Montoya Hall (GMH/Admin Bldg.) beside the General Services Office.