DLSU-D cagers hook AIMS Blue Sharks thru Rookie Caronongan double-double pursuit in NCRUCLAA, 77-58

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Despite their triumph against the Asian Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) Blue Sharks, 77-58, DLSU-D cagers team captain John Cantimbuhan faced a one-game suspension after committing two consecutive technical foul at the National Capital Region Universities and Colleges of Luzon Athletic Association (NCRUCLAA) basketball men tourney held at University of Makati gymnasium, February 13.

Outshining the veterans, Patriot rookie Kobe Caronongan was awarded as best player of the game by contributing 19 points, 10 rebounds, and one assist.


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Impenetrable defenses

Pulling the curtain for the first canto, both teams expressed their fierceness as they formed unbreakable fortresses resulting to a neck-and-neck quarter, 14-16.

Coping up with the rival’s advantage, Patriot Caronongan answered back with back-to-back shooting spree 7-0 run, 34-23.

Crucial run

Trying to turn the tables, the Blue Sharks took advantage of the Patriot’s consecutive faults resulting to relentless free throws while freezing the scoreboard, 46-all.

Startled in the last two minutes of the third quarter, Dasmariñas-based Cantimbuhan roused the team’s momentum as he pulled off a crossover jumpshot while shattering the ice, 54-46.

Awakening the team’s shooting rampage, Patriot Jacob Khan discharged three-pointers and Ira Kim Imperial contributed layups while successfully closing the doors of the final quarter, 77-58.


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But before the final canto concluded, Patriot Cantimbuhan was called off for a double technical foul in the crucial timestamp of 1:06 after apparently hitting an AIMS player with his elbow when he tried to pass the ball and complaining with the referee’s decision afterward.

“Suspended siya because he has committed two technical fouls so that is FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball) rules and under the ground rules of the NCRUCLAA, if you are disqualified from the game, you [will] have outright one-game suspension,” deputy commissioner of NCRUCLAA George Magsino affirmed regarding John Cantimbuhan’s sanction.

Expressing his thoughts on the commissioner’s decision, head coach Arnold Oliveros said,  “‘Yonyong iniiwasan namin kasi ang konti na nga ng players namin, mawawalan pa tayo [ng isa]. Kayayon ang sinasabi ko sa kanila palagi, dapat kailangan laging nagiisip at hindi basta-basta gumagawa ng bagay na gano’n (technical foul) especially ‘pag crucial.”

The Patriots will continue to fight for a spot in the quarter finals in their next game against Saint Francis of Assisi College (SFAC) Doves at the University of Makati gymnasium on February 20 at 12 PM.