CLACSC to hold Halalan 2019: Lasalyanong Botante, Responsable

The College of Liberal Arts and Communication Student Council (CLACSC) invites the Lasallian community to participate in Halalan 2019: Lasalyanong Botante, Responsable, aiming to raise student awareness for the upcoming elections, which will be held at the Luis Aguado Viewing Room on April 26 from 1 PM to 4 PM.

With two Social Sciences Department professors, Jesse Atienza and Marvi Aguilar, as speakers, CLACSC stressed the seminar’s pursuit to make students capable of making informed voting decisions and assessing candidates based on Lasallian values.

CLACSC intends to shed light on the recent mock elections conducted with NSTP students which the council referred to as “dismaying.” However, the council was unsurprised as the general population of DLSU-D students are “not that informed yet about social issues.”

“It is a sad but true fact that as Lasallians, there is much to improve on with regards to educating our students to vote wisely and to think critically,” CLACSC told The HERALDO FILIPINO. “The mock election results just shows us that we have to work as a community to address social issues. In this critical time, we cannot be neutral or say that we refuse to participate.”

ADDITION: The National Service Training Program (NSTP) Department clarifies that the mock election was spearheaded by the Lasallian Community Development Center (LCDC), as the NSTP students were the only ones who were distributed the mock election voting papers.