CEAT clarifies manual enrollment covers pre-registration only

To address various problems in College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT)’s enrollment system, CEAT Associate Dean Conrado Monzon said the implementation of manual enrollment only applies to pre-registration for the next semester.

Monzon said they will utilize manual enrollment to fix the students’ schedules since some slots intended for the regular students are taken by irregular students.

Kasi naguunahan sa online (enrollment). So yong mga supposed to be naka-enroll sa section na yon, they were not able to enroll because other students were able to get their slot,” he mentioned.

Meanwhile, CEAT Dean Jose De Armas further explained that the difference in online enrollment is that the students may choose to join any section they want which may result in lost slots for the regular students, whereas in manual pre-registration enrollment, students will be enrolled according to their block.

“So in that case, we can balance the number of students enrolled in a particular block. So, walang mauubusan, ‘di ba?” he expressed.

Moreover, CEAT Chair Estrella Pineda said they also aim to solve compressed schedules chosen by some students, wherein they condense all subjects enrolled in three or four days, leaving the remaining days vacant which can result in their exhaustion.

She mentioned that dropping and adding the same subject due to discovering the subject professor is prohibited.

Monzon furthered that they also aim to address other problems in schedules, room, faculty, and enclosure of subjects.

Manual enrollment process

The pre-registration period for the academic year (AY) 2016-2017 second semester took place in December 2 until December 9, wherein pre-registration forms were given to students by their respective advisers.

Monzon said that after completion of forms, it will be returned to the advisers and will be forwarded to student volunteers who will encode the information on the second week of January.

After completion of encoding, students may access their portal and print their confirmation slip, proceeding to the regular enrollment process.

Monzon mentioned that with the help of the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), the student volunteers were trained for the manual enrollment last November 22.

Meanwhile, De Armas said they implemented a manual enrollment before, on AY 2013-2014. However, the students were still able to access their pre-registration enrollment, whereas now, De Armas assured that the system this time will only be accessible to student volunteers.

“Because after the manual (encoding), no’ng nabuksan ‘yong system, na-open ulit (for students). Nakapag-change pa sila (students) ulit ng mga subject. So this time, totally locked,” he expressed.

As of press time, De Armas said that they have requested assistance from the OUR, together with the Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC) to fully fix and enhance the online enrollment system so they will no longer need to implement the manual enrollment process again.