CCJE to redo SC officers election this August

Due to inadequate voters’ turnout in the 2016 University Student Elections, the College of Criminal Justice Education Student Council (CCJESC) Adviser Rodel Esmilla said they plan to redo the election for CCJESC academic year (AY) 2016-2017 officers on the third week of August.

Esmilla said the Student Commission on Election (SCE) allowed them to conduct the CCJESC re-election so students can exercise their right to vote. “Basta ang sabi nila (SCE) sa amin, i-inform lang namin sila kung kailan at ano yong specific or scheduled dates ng aming re-election,” he said.

According to the DLSU-D 2016 Amended Student Election Code (E-Code) Article IX, Section 14, the vote of confidence shall be applied if there is only one student candidate running for a certain position and the said candidate must meet the required voting percentage before being declared the winner.

Meanwhile, in cases of election postponement or unavailability of a college to vote due to academic requirements, the College Student Council (CSC) incumbent officer or class president may request to hold a special election to the SCE, as per Article IX, Section 18 of the E-Code.

Esmilla mentioned that they are yet to confirm the specific date for the re-election since they are still considering the compatibility of the CCJE students’ class schedules. He said the re-election will last for two days, wherein all the CCJE students can vote.

Esmilla furthered that the CCJESC candidates’ official list is set to be announced on the first week of August.

“For the campaign period, we can do it siguro during the first or second week [ng August] para at least malaman ng CCJE students na magkakaroon talaga ng ganitong election at i-explain din sa kanila yong reason behind kung bakit kailangan mag-elect ng (CCJESC) officers [based do’n sa nangyari last election],” Esmilla said.

Former candidates may run

Since the re-election will be open again for students who are interested to run for the CCJESC, the student candidates who initially ran in the 2016 University Student Elections may run again next AY, as per Esmilla.

He added that they initially planned to extend the CCJESC AY 2015-2016 officers’ term to handle the SC’s transactions, activities, and inquiries until next AY. However, the CCJE Dean Alrien Dausan advised them to simply elect another set of CCJESC officers to temporarily assume the CCJESC office until the re-election in August.

As of press time, the temporary officers chosen by Esmilla, Dausan and the CCJESC AY 2015-2016 officers are President Jonathan Mojares, Vice President Marvin Odavar, Secretary Patricia Vallejo, Treasurer Patrick Padios, Auditor Alberto Montañez Jr., Business Manager Eleazar De Liva, Public Relations Officer (PRO) External Nouzairon Naval, and PRO Internal Paul Brazil.