CBAASC’s “UNITE” brings Agsunta, Jensen and the Flips, KZ Tandingan to DLSU-D

For their general assembly this academic year 2017-2018, the College of Business Administration and Accountancy Student Council (CBAASC) held “UNITE”, featuring Filipino performers Agsunta, Jensen and the Flips, and KZ Tandingan, yesterday, October 21, at the Ugnayang La Salle.


The first guest band that graced the stage was Agsunta, an acoustic soft rock band well-known in the independent Filipino music scene. The audience’s adrenaline kicked up when Jensen and the Flips took to the stage amid the screams of the crowd. The band is a fan favorite among Cavite audiences as lead singer Jensen Gomez was once a student of DLSU-D’s sister school, De La Salle Health Sciences Institute.

While the two bands had the crowd raising their cell phones in the air, the last performer, KZ Tandingan had the crowd in a frenzy when she climbed down the stage to get closer to her screaming fans, prompting eager audience members to push closer to the singer.


Several performing arts groups from the University performed at the concert during opening program and intermissions, giving concert-goers a taste of local talent. Aside from the variety of performances, raffle winners were also announced throughout the event.

Overwhelmed with the unexpected success of the event, CBAASC 2017-2018 President Shiela Catanghal revealed that UNITE was one of the “biggest” general assemblies she had attended, even though the participants were mostly third and fourth year students.


“‘Yong participants ng concert ‘di ko inasahan na ganonyong dami ng tao, ang daming nabili pa ng tickets during the day, madaming outsiders din tsakayong support ng DLSU-D alumni especially CBAA alumni, sobrang nakaka-overwhelm,” Catanghal expressed.

In behalf of the CBAASC, Catanghal said they were thankful for the participation of those who attended the concert, the CBAA recognized student organizations, and CBAASC deputies who helped with organizing the general assembly.