The professor’s ramblings of mathematical equations are getting more monotonous by the minute. From the corner of my eye, I

Art by Shakira Mae Austero I walked by the shore to get closer to the sea, to wash my feet of all

Art by Chandler Belaro The night was cold and starless. Still, it was bright with just the city lights and the

20 His classmates and friends had a lot of speculations on why he suddenly quit college. Some of them said it

Art by Rachel Facultad (contributor) “Your nape looks sexy,” he said. So you ripped some cloth from a pile of unwashed

Art by John Chesleigh Nofiel A man going to work in a tie and long sleeves stopped in front of a

Art by Wenchie Tacate Crystal drops of water hit your bare shoulders like rainfall on a barren land that craves for its