Minor spoilers ahead.   Aiming to bring topnotch indie films inside the university, the Communication and Media Society (COMMSOC) hosted the event

Its sound emerged in the darkness one by one—scarred voices of different entities with a unifying tone. They desperately cried

Following the 2015 critically-acclaimed film Heneral Luna, Director Jerrold Tarog reimagines the short life of another Filipino martyr, the youngest

Subtle yet explosive, violent yet substantial, BuyBust (styled: BUYBUST) is director Erik Matti’s “first full-on action film” that promises more

  "Is it enough to just be an audience?" Teatro Lasalliana's Buwan at Baril production will leave you with goosebumps. Fearless

There have been good superheroes before, even great ones. But never has there been a superhero so powerfully relevant that

Film: To the Bone (2017) Sweat dripping, calories increasing, and lifespan diminishing—this is how the surface of eating disorders paved the