The Visual & Performing Arts Production Unit (VPAPU) organized Angking Stilo Tungo sa Iisang Guhit (ASTIG) for this year’s Student’s

With the Philippine’s long history, our ancestors have passed down stories for the next generations. Some of them are filled

“Men are trash” we often hear women saying. Of course, as men the natural reaction would be to take offense

*The verses used by the writer are simply creative depictions inspired by the paragraph style of the Bible in order

Religion has been subjected to many forms of misconception, brought by the misunderstanding of belief among people. We constantly argue

With each step, I was moving unobstructed yet wary, closer and closer to his vulnerability—a heedful admission to his countless

“What’s with these guys?” You wonder as you stare at a picture of young adults—probably students—holding up placards with angry