Choose your journey: You're in a discussion about depression and you have to express your opinion about it. Will you

With the recent alarming shootings happening around Cavite, it’s best to know how to keep safe and avoid causing panic—both

It’s getting old seeing the same faces slaying pageants, runways, fashion magazines, and Instagram posts glorifying beauty standards. Physical attractiveness

Faking happiness has become part of our everyday life as we still can’t escape from the ever-present sorrow while being

Most of us think that laughing is only an involuntary action toward funny moments, but you might be surprised of

Graphic art by Danna Claire Javier Words are a simple combination of letters that may enhance or destroy our day based

Graphic Art by Melissa Reynoso It was Marielle’s third visit to her psychotherapist. She’s neither crazy nor half-crazy, she swears. She