This year’s Pride unraveled the very core meaning of its existence: a protest. Far from the festivity it created, Pride

“I was confused on why I was attracted to men and, at the same time, to women.” Acceptance feeds our existence,

When Bernadette Miciano and Marclee Agustin entered DLSU-D four years ago, their study plan was clear—they’d give their best during

“I was bullied for being morena,” she said on Twitter in Filipino. “Growing up, people told me morena isn’t pretty.

What people don’t understand, they tend to mock. That’s why it’s been an unfortunate tendency for individuals to poke fun

Let’s admit it, it can be hard to concentrate in our usual workspaces like our campus kubos and messy rooms

To contribute to advocacies that transform and enlighten Lasallians in the process, the DLSU-D Communication and Media Society (COMMSOC) in