Café Pression: Treasure in the Walled City

Heading towards the Manila skyline for a taste of adventure and priceless treasures is a go-to remedy when you’re fed up with the corners of Cavite.  As you spend your day roaming the pavements of Manila, you’ll eventually feel drained with the heat; that’s why discovering a cool and cozy place to stay in would be a boon in your struggle.

A secluded area where you can tuck yourself in and enjoy the ambience, Café Pression in Intramuros, Manila provides the perfect fuel for those in dire need of a coffee break. With the rising number of coffee shops competing in the city, Café Pression stands out among the rest of the conventional coffee shops as it gives you a lasting impression with its unique features.

Homey vibe

A relaxing low-key coffee shop, Café Pression sets an appealing interior of comfy bedroom structures that differs from the customary spacious setting of round tables and high chairs. As you step into the coffee shop, a huge wall covered with pictures and sticky notes made by customers will give you a warm welcome. Since the café opens at 8:00 AM, it’s advisable to go early in the morning or afternoon and not during the later peak hours when the best spots in the café are already stolen. The café will turn a year old this October, and ever since their opening, students from different universities within Intramuros have been faithful customers of the cushy coffee shop.

While the menus are as standard as coffee shops go, the place itself isn’t ordinary at all. With the Japanese vibe of wooden flooring and warm lighting, there are two-story cribs that come of various sizes with a table at the center and pillows on the floor fit for both solo dates and group get-togethers. The cribs have dividers so you can enjoy a wee bit of privacy, especially when studying. And if you want to post an aesthetic shot of the café on Instagram, it’s a good thing that they have reliable internet connection suited for students’ interest. The best part about the cribs is that you can enter with your bare feet, giving you a feel-at-home impression, while at the same time bringing out your childish side.


Lasting aftertaste

Just as enticing and inviting as the comforting set-up is, the menu is likewise heavy and luscious with choices ranging from its trademark garden-variety type of café meals. Aside from the café bestsellers like java chip frappe and cheesecake, their set of must-try Korean-inspired bing-su desserts will surely tickle your taste buds. While drooling your thirst over the café’s best drinks, you might also want to take a bite of their fresh baked sweet cakes that are teasingly displayed at the counter bar.

Another thing that’s noteworthy with Café Pression is their impressive and detailed presentation of menu items that will feed your timeline with eye-catching food porn that’s undeniably Instagram-worthy. The food and drinks are quite pricey at a price range of roughly P200-P250, but considering the venue, you will certainly get your money’s worth. With all the guilty pleasure you can get from the menu, Café Pression is indeed a superb venue to spend time with your friends—and even an ideal time spent just by yourself.


Small but full of wonder, Café Pression has a lot to offer its customers as this relaxing place adds an unforgettable experience to your Manila trip. With its soothing atmosphere, tasty menu, and youthful vibe, Café Pression is a worthwhile stop-by café that will surely be one of your favorite places to return to in Manila—and definitely a well-deserved addition to your adventure bucket list.