The book sale that will huff and puff your socks off

Making their debut here in the Philippines, the Big Bad Wolf Books is holding a 10-day book sale from February 16 to 25 with the World Trade Center in Pasay City flooding with over two million books up for grabs. And to cater the wave of bookworms going bonkers, they’re open 24 hours a day—not to mention entrance is free.

As you enter the hall, you’re greeted with an overwhelming number of books with at least 27,000 titles to choose from. Now, you may think, “Look at all the books I can’t buy.” Well, fret not as the price range of the books range from P100 up to around P800 thanks to the whopping 60 to 80 percent discount. Able to spend a bit more? Then the premium books are also available, costing around P1000 to approximately P5000.



You may also have the chance to finally get the books you’ve been looking for with the bonus of a discounted price. From textbooks to references for your thesis, the non-fiction area has it all. Enumerate your interests and you’ll surely find your soul overflowing—just bring a lot of stamina as it won’t be easy digging through the tables and stacks of books on the massive exhibition floor.   

Want a little more of an escape from reality? Then head on towards the Fiction to Young Adult section where you’ll be greeted by a swarm of bookworms exhilarated to find the best books around. The variety of books will also surely be an eye-opener for most as there are a lot of lesser-known titles which might make you dive right into each book out of curiosity. Surely, there are a lot of hidden gems under the mountains of popular books.

Given that this kind of event doesn’t come around often, you may be thinking, “There’s bound to be loads of people. When should I go to avoid the crowd?” Well, it’s best to go as early as you can in the morning to avoid the rush of people in the afternoon and evening. While most would suggest to go around midnight, others might have the same idea as the place is flooded with book enthusiasts during that time. In finding the best deals, you just have to take your time, be patient, and enjoy. Don’t worry, they restock every now and then, and release new titles too, if you can’t find a book that calls your heart too soon.



Truly, the digital age has taken a huge toll on print media, but fairs such as Big Bad Wolf Books continue to prove that no amount of advancement can remove the magic and joy that physical copies of a book can give.

Aside from the satisfaction this gives to avid readers, the best part about buying books from the fair is knowing that a part of the profit will be donated to rehabilitation areas in Marawi and to those affected by the Mt. Mayon eruption—both as a gift to yourself and a chance to give back.

The Big Bad Wolf Books raises the bar for book fairs here in the Philippines—and this is one wolf you shouldn’t run away from.

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