Ayuntamiento bldng to be operational this June

In light of the near completion of the Ayuntamiento De Gonzales building in the East campus, the target schedule for active operations will begin this June, while admin offices in Gregorio Montoya Hall (GMH) are expected to gradually start moving to Ayuntamiento beginning this April as per Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services (VCFAS) Deodoro Abiog II, CPA.

In a previous article released in The HERALDO FILIPINO (HF) Volume 33 Issue 1 broadsheet, Abiog mentioned that the target opening of the Ayuntamiento building will be during the second semester of academic year 2018-2019. Official operations will now start on June due to the gradual transferring of offices from GMH to the new administration building.

The offices will start moving in during the weekends of April to avoid disruption of operations of the admin offices, “That will be a sacrifice for us, but we have to do it. Let’s say, one Saturday, [or] Sunday of April, [the] Accounting office will move, by Monday dapat operational na sila doon,” Abiog said.

The Ayuntamiento building ‘Chateau Caviteño’, and an amphitheater are the three projects of the late De La Salle Brother Andrew Gonzales, FSC. As per Abiog, the Ayuntamiento is the only project near completion.

Furthermore, the cost of construction needed for the completion of the Ayuntamiento has 40,000,000 PHP, according to the webpage Lasallian Giving at the DLSU-D official website.

GMH student org space allocation

Once the administration offices have completely vacated GMH, there will be a new space allocation for offices of student organizations in the building such as Council of Student Organizations, University Student Council, Performing Arts Groups, Vicissitude, and HF; as confirmed by Office of Student Services (OSS) Dean Arch. Antonio Gutierrez Jr.

Meanwhile, there will be no major renovation to the GMH as there is no official directive from the administration regarding the vacating of student organizations currently residing in the building.

Ang mangyayari lang doon, maglalagay lang ng ilang partitions. Walang major renovation na mangyayari for now, I don’t know sa future plan ng institution but I’m sure the administration will do something about it in the future,” Gutierrez said.

Moreover, the OSS has already accepted the proposal of the Student Center Spatial Design Committee for the new space allocation of each student organizations, the said proposition will be presented to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services (VCFAS) and Buildings and Facilities Management Office (BFMO) director for approval.

According to the tentative space allocation, the new offices that will be transferred to GMH will be the Reserve Officers Trainings Corps, the National Service Training Program, and the Student Welfare and Formation Office.

As of press time, Gutierrez awaiting approval from the VCFAS and BFMO regarding the proposal.

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