Air Summit Gourmet

Apart from unwinding and sight-seeing, traveling also caters new cuisines our taste palates have yet to experience. If you’re planning a summer escapade, why not try a southern trip and have a stop at the Air Summit Gourmet, an aircraft dining hub at Tayabas City, Quezon Province which offers not only relish meals but also a boarding experience at a worthy cost.


Getaway service

We’re all mostly fond of searching for new places to quench our thirst from the normal ambiance of cafés and food chains. Luckily, Air Summit Gourmet located at Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas City, Quezon Province gives you that on flight feeling upon arrival until you’re done with your feast.

Before you go on-board, the immigration lounge (aka their lobby) will welcome you with the vibes of an airport holding area. The immigration officers, or your waiters, will take orders and provide guests a business-class boarding pass upon entry. Inside the aircraft is a fascinatingly cozy set of 56-pax chairs and tables that add comfort while eating. The venue also has flight attendants and pilots serving the meals, elegant chandeliers hanging above tabletops, and acoustic music serenading the guests that adds a classic feel to the fine dining. Air Summit also plays audio-recorded reminders of flight procedures which adds to the actual plane ride impression and will definitely make your so-called flight worth the while.


Appetizing menu

To complete the airplane setting, they also serve Western and Asian international cuisines. You can choose from their set of meals or ala carte which is recommendable to add drinks in choices of iced tea, smoothies, and wines.

After the main course, guests can have desserts customarily made from local products with a world-class taste. These meals range from 300-800 pesos, but the price is nothing to worry about because each meal is good for 2 persons. With all the enjoyment you can get from glassed drinks to your plated meals, Air Summit Gourmet is surely a top-of-the-list itinerary you could add to your summer journey.


For those who have caught the travel bug this summer, Air Summit Gourmet is surely a place to visit suited for you. Though the airplane doesn’t lift off the ground, their quality service and savory cuisines take you to a one-of-a-kind journey—a worthwhile trip in just a one-seating experience.