Advanced CAD program to be available for DLSU-D students

In order to provide an advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) program for DLSU-D students, alumni, and faculty members, the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) collaborated with Qualicad, a Portugal-based Computer Aided Design (CAD) company, to start offering the said program this first semester, according to CEAT Dean Jose Rizaldy De Armas.

“Also, part of the proceeds will go to the scholarship and faculty development program,” De Armas added.

After signing the Memorandum of Agreement with Qualicad on September 6, he confirmed that the program will not be part of the CEAT course curriculums, but will serve as an optional certificate program for students who aim to further their knowledge and skills in CAD.

As per De Armas, the two review centers will be located at DLSU-D and Salawag. Program finishers will be given two certificates upon completion: one from Autodesk, Qualicad’s partner certification center, and another one from DLSU-D.

Regarding the branches that the advanced CAD programs will offer, De Armas said, “With our partnership with Qaulicad, they designed specific program[s] to cater all the needs of all the students.”

He mentioned that particular CAD classes will be provided for Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and other similar courses.

Regarding the enrollment fee for the Qualicad classes, De Armas calculated the classes to cost around 4,500 pesos for the 450 hours for completion.

Although the classes are also offered to CEAT faculty members and non-DLSU-D students, De Armas clarified, “…we are now starting the marketing of program, ang unang nakaalam is [DLSU-D] students.” Moreover, it will even be available for incoming freshmen enrollees next academic year 2018-2019 who did not have a CAD class in their school.

De Armas mentioned that it’s a better “opportunity” for students to enroll in DLSU-D instead of in mall training centers “Mas magandang opportunity na rito sila mag-enroll getting the same certificate in DLSU-D. At the same time, they also have the University to raise funds for scholars.”

As of press time, De Armas mentioned that CAD Coordinator Architect Tony Gutierrez is still finalizing the first batch schedule since it will still vary upon the requests of the students and instructors and the required number of enrollees.