34 vacant CSC positions filled

Due to the failure to reach the required vote of confidence during the 2017 University Student Elections, 34 vacant College Student Council (CSC) positions have been filled under the  College of Science and Computer Studies (CSCS), College of Liberal Arts and Communication (CLAC), College of Tourism and Hospitality Management (CTHM), College of Education (COEd), and College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE).

Since no student candidate won in the elections for officers in CSCSSC, CLACSC, and CTHMSC, all positions were occupied by appointed officers. On the other hand, three student candidates won for the COEDSC positions in the 2017 University Student Elections.

Meanwhile, despite having no initial student candidates for the CCJESC during the initial student election, three officers were voted into position during the snap election. The College of Business Administration and Accountancy Student Council (CBAASC) and University Student Council (USC) were also included in the snap election conducted on May 24, in which all of their officers were voted rather than appointed into position.

CSC officers

As decided by the CSCS Ad Hoc Committee on June 1, CSCSSC’s official list of officers is as follows:

President: Frances Valdez

Vice President: William Salonga

Secretary: John Ramasta

Treasurer: Paolo Cabatbat

Auditor: Ryann Nepomuceno

Business Manager: Mcelvin Liceralde

Public Relation Officers (PRO): Stephen Raymundo and Samantha Valerio


CLACSC also underwent an appointment process after the student candidates who ran for CLACSC in the student election failed to reach the vote of confidence.

President: Andrea Anne Dabuet

Vice President: Neil Oliver Perez

Secretary: Razemelle Joyce Cruz

Treasurer: France Anne Delos Santos

Business Manager: Ivan Joshua Ladaga

PROs: Adrian Mercado and Angelica Camille Juarez


After completion of the appointment of CTHMSC officers on June 30, Alexandra Bolotano was appointed as the CTHMSC president to succeed former CTHMSC President Alexandra Bolotano who was appointed USC PRO.

President: Alexandra Bolotano

Vice President: Nathalie Caisip

Secretary: Elyssa Lyn Frando

Treasurer: Samantha Miclat

Auditor: Samantha Nava

Business Manager: Jave Ilao

PROs: Kent Valiente and Kuiz Van Sanchez


Since only independent candidates Julius Nachor, Mark Joseph Asoy, and Hanz Tecson won for COEdSC during the student election, a total of six officers were appointed to the vacant positions.

President: Julius Nachor

Vice President: Mark Joseph Asoy

Secretary: Bryan Allan Bobadilla

Assistant Secretary: Tricxie Kate Aromin

Treasurer: Hanz Tecson

Auditor: Rolland Jhay Suansing

Business Manager: Angelika Triñanes

Public Relation Officer (PRO): Judith Denuyo and Aaron Villarica


Saved by the snap election, candidates Kathlene Joy Narte, Kristine Patricia Reyes, and Klinth Angcao were elected for CCJESC while the other positions were filled by appointed officers.

President: Kathlene Joy Narte

Vice President: Kristine Patricia Reyes

Secretary: Klinth Angcao

Treasurer: Merie Klare Valdez

Auditor: Mark Ivan Vargas

Business Manager: Patrick Jason Brazil

PROs: Cedric Camenno and Fiona Dominique Raguin


Since most CSC officers were appointed this AY, some CSCs disclosed the conflicts they think will be encountered during AY 2017-2018.  CCJESC stated they may encounter obstacles regarding organizational duties such as processing papers due to lack of experience.

However, CCJESC President Kathlene Joy Narte said, “Pero di ko siya (possible conflicts) nakikitang napakalaking problema kasi alam ko naman yong mga officer ngayon, willing sila matuto.”

Meanwhile, COEdSC said that the “adjustment” period of the appointed officers is the “biggest challenge” they will face since some officers came from program councils. COEdSC Vice President Mark Joseph Asoy said, “It’s very different kasi when from program council to student council. Unanguna sa budget, masyadong mababa.”

On the same note, CTHMSC President Alexandra Bolotano said in an online interview that since there are mostly only third year and fourth year students left, a lower budget will be allotted for the CTHMSC. “With proper planning, the budget will be allocated properly in order to reduce expenses. Furthermore, we would try our best to get sponsors that would help in increasing the funds for an event. We also want to capitalize on fundraising and income generating events.”

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